Note from the BA President

Overland Park Fire Department  Benevolent Association (OPFDBA)  Members-

Last week your OPFDBA representatives met and decided what our initial response would be to the tragic death of Firefighter John Glaser.  I apologize for the delay with the distribution of this information.

1. The Overland Park Fire Department Benevolent Association will make a minimum $1000.00 donation to the John Glaser memorial fund.

    • There are many factors that were considered regarding this decision.  These factors included but were not limited too: The financial status of the OPFDBA, the proximity of Shawnee to Overland Park, and the fact that this loss is a Line of Duty Death.  It was easily decided that having a  tragedy of this magnititude  happen within our county demands a strong response from our members.

2. A memorial pin has been designed that is similar to the Mark Mansfield memorial pin (The Mansfield pin can be viewed at

    • A bulk order of these  pins have been ordered and will be delivered along with our memorial contribution within the next three weeks.  These items will be delivered by your OPFDBA representatives on behalf of you.  In addition to our financial contributions we felt strongly that the pins would be a moving gesture designed to show our support for Shawnee FD members.

3. The OPFDBA picnic is still scheduled for this Saturday June 5th at Quivira Park (119th and Quivira) from 11-3.

    • After the costs associated with our picnic  are covered any additional revenue will be directed to the Glaser memorial fund.  This includes donations made the day of the picnic as well as profits made from the sale of raffle tickets.

4. The OPFDBA will accept donations specifically for the Glaser memorial fund.

    • Many members have asked if they can contribute to the OPFDBA to increase the size of our donation.  The answer is “Yes”.  The OPFDBA directors have decided that we will donate a minimum of $1000.00.  However, if you wish to increase the size of our gift then send your contributions to OPFDBA Treasurer Ted Moore at 4C.  Please indicate that your contribution is meant solely for the Glaser memorial fund.

Because of your support (financial and otherwise) of the OPFDBA we will have a united front in offering our support to other firefighters.  I hope you are proud knowing that your support allows us to be present when others suffer a terrible tragedy.  I know I am.

Thank you.



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