OPFDBA Picnic Update

Here are some updates for the picnic that is next Saturday from 11-3.

After the costs associated with our picnic  are covered any additional revenue will be directed to the Glaser memorial fund.  This includes donations made the day of the picnic as well as profits made from the sale of raffle tickets

Scott Jackson will be donating all of the beef for the picnic- thanks Scott!!

Here is a note from Scott-

It is time again for beef sales.  I am sending this list to you folks who have bought from me before for first dibbs.  I will need to have you commit to an order by June 19th.  The beef will be delivered to the locker in December or January depending on when the animals are ready.  As always, payment will be at time of delivery to locker.  We will still only be taking orders by the ½, so if you just want ¼, pair up with someone and designate one person as the contact for payment and locker call.  We do have a nice crop of calves this year so the meat should be great quality.  If you have any questions feel free to give me a call (913) 731-1694.  PLEASE email me to commit so I have a paper record of it.

 Scott Jackson


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